Customized tours and Flight tickets Agadir Morocco 2023
  Agadir is a beautiful city located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. It is known for its white sand beaches and for being a popular tourist destination. The town has a number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs which offer a vibrant nightlife. Agadir Is a great place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday.
  Agadir is a super modern coastal town in the southern part Morocco. It’s an easily accessible and affordable destination if you’re planning to use it as a base for a Surf Trip in Morocco. The city has an airport connecting Agadir with all the other major Moroccan cities like Casablanca or Marrakech.
  Agadir was once partially destroyed in the 1960s due to a massive earthquake but it was quickly rebuilt and improved and it now attracts people from all over the world.
  The majority of its inhabitants of Agadir as well as the entire Morocco speak the Amazigh language, one of the two official languages of Morocco.
  You will be able to get to Agadir from diffrent European cities easly as its connected by multiple flights offred by several Airlines such as, EasyJet, Tui, Ryanair, British Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Wizz Air…
    There are tons of fun things to do in Agadir. The city has gorgeous beaches nearby, you will not miss activities and attractions. Let’s discover them together

                     1 Surfing activity in Taghazout

If you’re looking for things that you should absolutely do in Agadir, surfing should be at the top of your list. Agadir is a great destination for surfers of all levels. There are some great beaches near the city and they’re all easily accessed.

                    2 Birds Valley in agadir

This Valley is known for its many birds, including the Barbary Falcon which is endangered. The valley is also home to a variety of other animals, including gazelles, ibex, and snakes. The valley is a popular tourist destination and is a great place for hiking and bird-watching.

                    3 Kasbah Agadir Oufella

The ruins of Agadir’s citadel or kasbah, dating back to 1572, are hoisted far above the ocean, up the sharp slopes of a 300-metre hill. On the scrubby hill-side for all to see are the words “God, Homeland, King”, in Arabic and lit up and night.

At the top, not much save the restored outer walls is still standing, following a violent earthquake that razed the city in 1960. Many people continue to make the trip to the top by bus or on foot, and there are plenty of hawkers, snake charmers and vendors offering camel rides at the top. The view all the way down to the Bay of Agadir from the foot of the walls is mesmerising.

                     4 Desert trip&Overnight in Sahara&Camel Ride (Merzouga Dunes)


While you are in Agadir and you want to experience something totally different, our Sahara desert packet offer a list of Itineraries. Regarding to your Holiday stay in Agadir, budget and attractions that you would like to explore. Also our tours could enitiate and end depends on your landed and fly back Airport.

In relation to the distance between Agadir and Sahara Desert, 3 days are the minimum days that you need and as much as days you have as much as it will be better.

Don¹t hesitate to contact us, just let us know how many days you want to spend, attractions which you would like to visit or even if you need our suggestions, then we will do the rest.

                        5 Amazigh Culture Museum

At this small but well-presented municipal museum you’ll discover the Berber traditions and crafts of the surrounding Soussa-Massa region. The Museum of Amazigh Culture is on Passage Aït Souss, a pedestrian street connecting to the arterial Avenue Mohammed V.

On show are Berber architectural elements, examples of woodcarving, boucherouite rugs, historic manuscripts and pottery. Most exquisite is the silverwork of the bracelets, brooches and implausibly complex necklaces and earrings in the jewellery collection. You’ll also get to see the tools used by these craftsmen, and there are always temporary exhibitions, often showing contemporary Berber crafts. Its a worth visited place.

                      6 Old Medina of Agadir (Souk El Had)


The Souk El Had of Agadir is a popular market in the city of Agadir, Morocco. It is known for its wide variety of products, including clothing, spices, and traditional Moroccan handicrafts. The souk is a great place to find souvenirs for your friends and family, or simply to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of a Moroccan market.

                     7 Paradise Valley

In the High Atlas Mountains, some 20 kilometres north-east of Agadir, the Tamraght River zigzags through a layered rocky gorge as deep as 180 metres. Here the river fills crystalline pools a remarkable shade of light green, contained by high stone ledges. On a hot day it’s impossible to resist the temptation to leap into the glistening river.

Close to the car park, the river sustains palms and orange trees, and there’s a cafe serving freshly squeezed orange juice next to the pool here. This is a visit best made in spring as the pools dry out by late summer.