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   Morocco is a country located in North West of Africa, widely open on the Atlantic Ocean from the west, Mediterranean Sea from the north, Algeria in East, Mauritania  in the South and shares small borders with Spain by the Spanish exclaves Ceuta and Melilla. Morocco is the cradle of multiple culture and it is famous by its biodiversity when it comes to the languages spoken; Tamazight {Berber}, Moroccan Dareja, French, Spanish and English. Still what is amazing about this country is that you can find more than four different civilizations and they live peaceful sharing the same land. When it comes to religion, the only official is Islam {Sunni doctrine}, whoever there is a minority of Christian and Jewish people still living in the country.

Politically and culturally speaking, Morocco possesses a diverse and lively history that witnessed a long succession of different ruling people such as the Romans, Jews, French and Spanish as protection and Arabs colonization since 8 century. ... However, in general Morocco can be divided into two main cultures: Amazigh {Berber} which is the Origin and Arab as the colonizer in addition to the Mediterranean influences. And, each one has its own charm.

     Morocco has been ruled by a number of dynasties since it formed as a state in 789, and this is the list of these dynasties;

  1. Idrisid dynasty { Arab }
  2. Amoravid dynasty { Amazigh }
  3. Almohad dynasty { Amazigh }
  4. Marinids dynasty {Amazigh }
  5. Wattasid dynasty { Amazigh }
  6. Saadi dynasty { Amazigh }
  7. Alaouite dynasty { Arab }; the current ruler.

   Morocco’s rich historical past is reflected in its modern-day culture. Foods, languages, art and landmarks in Morocco are a fusion of the various ethnicities, religions and nationalities.

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     Discover Morocco Trips, is very selective when choosing it’s staff. We don’t only choose qualified and professional tour guides and leaders but also we choose those who are friendly, multilingual, trustworthy and knowledgeable with a sense of humor who are committed to offer a superior level of service so you can enjoy your time with them.

     Our tour operators, in the booking process are not only offering you a tour but are advising you how to have a lifetime experience and how to fully enjoy and maximize your time in Morocco.

One of the benefits of booking with us and what distinguishes from other companies, is how regardless of our volume of business we are able to dedicate the whole team including the directors to the unique purpose of going the extra mile to make your wishes come true. From the first email you send us until it's time to say goodbye you will have state of the art and lightning fast customer care to fulfill your wishes, get rid of your doubts and make your experience just slightly more comfortable.

              Morocco tours & Packages - Best Sahara Desert Offers

    As a lovers of Traveling and with many years of experience within Tourism industry, Discover Morocco Trips crew provide affordable Morocco tours and Day Trips which could start and end depends on the customer needs and requirements.

To experience a memorable vacation in Morocco, you can avail one of the suitable Morocco tour packages from our tours list at affordable price;

               Morocco’s imperial cities&cultural and historical sights

Imperial cities are the cities that have been chosen by the rulers of Morocco as the capital administrative during a period of time. The four country’s imperial cities are Fes, Marrakech, Meknes and the current Rabat.

     Fes, its 1,200-year-old medina is said to be the best-preserved old city of Morocco. Cars can't possibly fit through the tall narrow archways of the medina's fortified walls, so locals use handcarts and donkeys to carry stuff around instead. You'll probably get lost while exploring Fez medina's 9,500 cobblestone alleyways and dimly lit pedestrian tunnels. For that, we invite you to join our Fes City Tour. And, with the World Heritage-listed city now bearing the fruits of a decades-long restoration program, Fez has to be Morocco's best-kept open secret.

With our professional Fes local guide you will have full day trip or even half day exploring the most attractions of the city; Al Qaraouiyine Mosque, Choura Tannery, Mellah, Bou inania Medersa, King’s Palace… Also you can book Sahara desert tour, excursions from Fes and different Marrakech tours start from Fes and get through Merzouga desert.

   Marrakech or Red city, is one of the most touristic attractions around the world and the famous one in Morocco, about 3 millions travelers have been here between 2018-2019. It’s known by the largest traditional market and also has one of the busiest squares in Africa. These are things to do and to see while you are in Marrakech; Majorelle Gardens, Medersa Ben Youssef, Bahia Palace, Saadian tombs, Koutobia Mosque… Marrakech has a deep history with cultural sights, and for well understanding of that we invite you to join our Marrakech city tour. Also, you can book Sahara Desert tour, Day trips and Fes excursion from our list Marrakech tours.

      Very important to know, Marrakech old Medina is quite different from other ones in Morocco; too crowded and difficult to walk in as motorcycles are allowed to use in narrow streets, to avoid any uncomfortable situation please walk aside. Also, be aware from non-respectful behaviors of some non-certificate guides {they are trying to hook foreigners who are easy to convince in order to guide them to shops or even to offer day trips and tours without any guarantees, Black market}.marrakech

     Meknes, is considered as one of the four Morocco’s imperial cities, and dates back to 11 century. Meknes was the capital in Moulay Ismail era {the third Sultan of the Alaouite dynasty}, was inscribed as part of Unesco world heritage site since 1996. Also known as the most relaxed and economic city. Because of its proximity and localization with other cities, our Team offer Day Trips to discover the city sights such as Bab Al Mansour gate, Hedim square and old Medina…From Fes, Casablanca and Rabat.


  Rabat, is the current capital administrative and one of the largest cities in Morocco. The city was chosen as Royal palace since French protectorate of the country. Nowadays, Rabat is considered as the “Washington” of North Africa, because of the number of international Embassies and Government buildings that contains. By booking Rabat city tour, you will explore with our Local guide the famous attractions like Old medina, Royal palace, Kasbah of Oudayas, Chellah Necropolis, Hassan tower…

    Morocco’s coastal cities Casablanca & Tangier

     Morocco is not only a winding Desert and dry land, but also has around 6 seaside towns {Agadir, Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki, Nador…} running along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea about 1,200 miles. The biggest and largest ones are Casablanca and Tangier;

   Casablanca, considered as the biggest and capital of economy in Morocco since many years. Nowadays, the city is a financial center of the country and around Africa, this has a relation to the port and airport which the city has; Casablanca port is the second largest in Africa, after Tangier-Med and one of the artificial ports in the world. Although, Casablanca’s main airport Mohammed V as the busiest one in Morocco, offers direct international flights to the most cities over the world; New York, London, Paris… Our Travel Company provides different Morocco tours to the main touristic attractions around the country. 10 days Morocco tour from Casablanca is the most chosen by travelers.


  Tangier, is the principle and capital city of northern Morocco. It lies at the western entrance to the strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, and there is only about 27klm of a distance between the two continents Africa and Europe. However, traveling by Ferry or Boat from Algeciras and Tarifa either to the Port of Tangier or Tangier-Med port is quite easy.  The tour takes just 30 minutes.

So, if you are in Europe and you are looking for a suitable itinerary that begins from Tangier and covers the main sights and touristic areas of Morocco, don’t hesitate to contact our crew who will arrange the tour that suits your needs in relation to the places and the number of days that you decide to spent in Morocco. 12-10-8 Days Morocco tour could be the best option.        chefchaoun

Morocco Sahara desert experience

  Do I regret if I do not include Sahara Desert in my Trip to Morocco? Absolutely YES. Discovering the magic of Sahara Desert of Morocco either Erg Chebbi Merzouga or Erg Zagora dunes could be the highlights of your travel to Morocco. Both sets of dunes offer a fantastic experience. Choosing which dunes to visit depends on your other plans in Morocco and where else you intend to visit.

   Erg Chebbi Merzouga is the most known and visited by travelers as its better established, developed and easy to reach. Apporximately 10 hours driving from Marrakech and around 8 hours from Fes, but there are many places of interest to see along the way. You will get through; High Atlas Mountains, Cedar forest, Ouarzazate, Ait Ben Haddou, Dades Valley, Roses valley and Todra Canyon in between the two touristic cities. The positive point of Erg Chebbi is that can be fitted into an itinerary involving Fes and Marrakech. You can book our 3 days/2 nights as the most chosen by the travelers, but we highly recommended 4 or 5 days trip in order to have more time as there are many impressing places to discover.

   Zagora Dunes, could be an option for the travelers that have limited vacation in Morocco and for sure is a lifetime experience. We invite you to have a look on our 2 Days trip from Marrakech, it’s a whole day driving {around 9 hours} passing through fantastic places such as Ait Ben Haddou, Daraa Valley, Ouarzazate and High Atlas Mountains.

Whichever one you decide to choose, there is nothing quite like having night in Sahara Desert; watching the sunset/sunrise, Camel trekking and admiring starry sky in the peace and  tranquility of the area.