1 Day Trip from Fez to Atlas Mountain;

                     – Excursion details;

 – Duration; full day trip.

– Itinerary; the trip will start from Fes at 8;00 am and drive towards Middle Atlas Mountains passing through different berber villages, first stop will be in Ifran then to Ceder forest of Azrou, from here we continue driving inside mountains till we get to the fantastic Sources of Oum Er-Rbia where we will visit its waterfall and a mysterious underground cave, from where one of the sources come out. After having lunch we drive back to Fes from different road ”M’Rirt, Bouchbel, Amghasse, Boufakrane” to enjoy more the beauty of landscape and berber villages.

Price; depends on the clients number, and starts from 55€ per person.

       IFRAN; developed by the French during the protectorate era for its administration due to its alpine climate, this Moroccan city has a remarkable European style, as if it were an alpine village. Due to its elevation, the city experiences snow during the winter months and a cool climate during the summer. Ifrane is also the place where the lowest temperature in Africa was recorded: -23.9 ° C.

     AZROU; the Cèdre Gouraud forest is located to the north, where one of the sub-populations of the monkey Barbacoa, Macaca sylvanus (called Magots) is found. In addition to its rich biodiversity symbolized by the famous cedar forest, you will find the butterflies that are unique in the world. The surroundings of Azrou are a center of attraction for the residents, hikers and picnics of the neighboring big cities. The urban construction of Azrou is of European style (roofs of red tiles).

    The Sources Oum er-Rbia; was said to be where some 47 springs feed” 40 springs with sweet water and 7 salty ones” the beginning of Morocco’s second largest river about 600km eventually making its way into the Atlantic Ocean at Azemmour. We will visit one very attractive waterfall which cames from at least one of these springs. This lone waterfall sighting with its backdrop consisted of tall red cliffs that were very reminiscent of the kind of scenery you might find in Southern Utah or Northern Arizona, and it was this unusual setting of water (let alone a pretty waterfall) set in such seemingly harsh landscapes that made this falls stand out. Further adding to the atmosphere and uniqueness of this place, there is a village built right around the gushing Oum er-Rbia River on the way up to the falls. Also there are sit-on-the-floor outdoor restaurants and tea rooms where you could literally enjoy a relaxing lunch right against the loud rush of water.

Excursion included;

  • Pick you up from your Hotel/ Riad.
  • Transport by 4×4, vehicle or (minibus)
  • Guide-Driver who speaks your language.
  • Drop you off to your Hotel/ Riad.

Excursion not included;

  • Drinks – Visits – Lunch.